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Sony Ericsson W302 Review


Sony Ericsson W302 Review

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The Sony Ericsson W302 is an attractive music phone which comes with a compact slim styled casing which has a solid bar deigned body. The casing is available in a midnight black coloured casing or a sparkling white coloured casing which the user can choice can chose to suit their look. The size of the casing is compact which makes it easy for the user to carry their music phone when in use or not in use. The W302 is only 10.5mm deep which is slim for a music phone & it weighs 78 grams with the fitted battery. The casing is made from aluminium which gives the handset a luxurious & high quality finish. The Sony Ericsson W302 is a member of the popular Sony Ericsson Music Phones collection which includes many different style Walkman music phones to suit the user needs.

This compact music phone comes with a TFT screen which displays a high colour display with a screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels which allows the user to view images, video footage & music information on the clear screen. The phone comes with a built in Walkman® music player which supports all popular music play back formats including MP3 format. The user can transfer music onto their phone & enjoy music play back whenever the mood takes them. The user download new ringing tones using the PlayNow™ download feature which allows the user to download new tones with three simple steps. A built in TrackID™ music feature works as a music recognition feature which allows the user to gain information on a song the user like s the sound of. The user can record a few seconds of the song & the TrackID™ music feature will let the user know the name of the track, the name of the album the track is from & the artist or group who perform the track. The TrackID™ music recognition feature has become very popular with music orientated handsets & is a useful as well as fun feature to have on a music phone. The Sony Ericsson W302 comes with a built in radio feature which allows the user to tune into their favourite FM or AM radio station. The radio comes with a RDS feature which will provide the user with an onscreen display of radio & song information for the user to view whilst listening to their desired station.

An integrated 2 megapixel camera feature supports both still image capture as well as moving video capture. The camera comes with a 2.5 x digital zoom which allows the user to zoom in closer to their target when taking a still picture. The user can send their picture to a blog site which allows the users friend & family to view the user's latest pictures easily by accessing the blog site. The video capabilities allow the user to play, record & stream video footage on their Sony Ericsson W302. The user can access the camera feature easily from the phones main menu & store their pictures & video on the phone memory. The user can use their own choice of picture as unique wallpaper on their phone which allows the user to create a personal look to their new handset. The user can connect the Sony Ericsson W302 to their PC or printer by using either a USB connection or a Bluetooth® wireless connection between devices depending on what connection is compatible between the devices. The Bluetooth® connection allows the user to connect wirelessly to compatible devices which are up to ten metres apart from each other. The W302 supports EDGE technology which provides high speed data transfers which the user can enjoy when transferring picture, video or music files between devices. The user can enjoy using their music phone world wide as the Sony Ericsson W302 is a quad band technology handset which covers four GSM networks but the network coverage is dependent on the users chosen network provider.

The W302 supports Java™ games which allow the user of this phone to enjoy a fast & life like gaming experience when the mood takes them. The gaming experience provides the user with a 3D effect on the screen which gives the whole experience a very real feel. The user can use a selection of features when the user is in restricted mobile phone areas such as on a plane or in a hospital, as the phone comes with a flight mode option which will turn off the handsets radio transmission for safe use whilst in these areas.

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