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Nokia N85 Review


Nokia N85 Review

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We weren't thrilled with the dual LED flash. Two LEDs didn't make for twice the picture quality in low light conditions. However, under good lighting, our pictures came out looking great, vibrant and sharp, with perfectly accurate colors and just enough detail.

We'd like some more camera features. Uploading photos was easy, and the phone comes with presets to upload directly to Flickr, Ovi and other services. Uploads were a bit sluggish, and we could only upload one pic at a time, but otherwise uploading went smoothly. Still, we wish there were more in-camera features. We think this great camera could make some great panoramas, and we wish there were more cool shooting features in that veign.

Video recording quality was also very good. The phone can record DVD quality videos, meaning VGA (640 by 480 pixels) resolution at 30fps. In our tests, videos actually looked very good. Motion was smooth, with none of the watery effects we've seen on inferior cams. Colors looked accurate, if a bit bland, and the camcorder did a nice job handling backlighting and more complex lighting situations. Also, we liked having plenty of memory on board to handle long recording times.

GPS Navigation

The Nokia N85 gets GPS and turn-by-turn navigation courtesy of Nokia Maps. Included with the N85 is a 3-month trial of the Nokia turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation service. We liked Nokia's navigation, perhaps even more than we like the standard U.S. carrier options, such as VZ Navigator. The spoken directions were more clear, and phone did a fine job following us throughout our route. The Nokia Maps app also had no trouble finding points of interest on our trip, including some of our favorite local restaurants and dry cleaners.

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