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Nokia 3600 slide Review


Nokia 3600 slide Review

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The available settings include white balance, three quality levels going form basic to high, and various effects. Sequence shots and shooting in both portrait and landscape mode are also among the available options.

The 3.2 MP autofocus camera may be a tad above midrange but the LED flash is rather weak, usable with close range objects only. The dedicated camera key is a welcome perk, but the hard full press ruins part of the pleasure.

The 3600 slide camera is hardly among the top 3.2 megapixel shooters. Image quality is about average; in favorable weather decent images can be produced, a bit oversharpend, but with good color rendering. Noise levels still remain high in areas of uniform coloring. The lack of detail in images is another weakness.
The camera speed isn't remarkable and saving files is on average too.

As far as video recording is concerned, Nokia 3600 slide manages VGA resolution at 15 fps. The 3GP video clips length is only limited by the memory available. Although video quality is far from stunning, the VGA resolution is still rare enough across the midrange.

Connectivity is OK

The mid-range Nokia 3600 slide connectivity options are quite OK. The seamless USB connectivity leads the lot. Once the USB cable is plugged, you're prompted to select the connection mode. You can then alternate the modes by only a few key presses. Moreover, Mass storage is available, allowing your phone's memory to be directly accessed from a computer.

As mentioned, the A2DP profile of the Bluetooth is supported to allow a stereo wireless connection. The rest of the connectivity options include the network support - sadly Nokia 3600 slide does not support 3G, but EDGE and GPRS are both the best there is at Class 32.Finally, the memory card slot, which can sometimes be the most convenient way of transferring data, is also present here. The microSD slot is placed under the battery cover.

Web browsers

Nokia 3600 slide has an integrated HTML web browser. No significant changes in functionality have been made to the S40 browser since the previous edition of the user interface. Therefore you shouldn't be surprised that it is not the best on the market, lacking a lot of the skills of the more advanced alternatives. It still offers decent page rendering and font size customization. When set at the smallest font, up to 11 text lines are displayed.

Luckily, the phone is also equipped with an alternative web browser. The Opera Mini is located in the application section and is really the better browsing choice on the 3600 slide. It is far more intuitive and fits text better than the integrated browser. The overall browsing capabilities of Nokia 3600 can hardly be compared to the best on the market but it's still a decent offering considering the price range.

Organizer good as usual

The organizer of Nokia 3600 slide is truly elaborate, offering a large number of time management applications with nice features and user-friendly interface. The calendar offers month, week, and day modes and five types of events available for setting up. The week can start on Monday, Sunday, or Saturday. The event types are: reminder, meeting, call, birthday and memo. Further, each type of event has its own specific fields and some of them even allow an alarm to be set up as a reminder.

Next-in-line is the handy To Do manager that enables you to categorize tasks in three priority levels. Tasks can be alerted of, as well as marked off once accomplished. Those can also be easily synchronized with the calendar application.

The alarm clock is repeatable; it can be set to go off on any weekday and works even when the phone is switched off. You can also customize the snooze time if you wish.

The other organizing functions available include a voice recorder with a 60-minute limit, a stopwatch and a countdown timer.


Nokia 3600 slide comes with a good number of preinstalled applications outside the organizer too. The consistently useful unit convertor is first in the list of additional applications. It offers all kinds of converting options and, if provided with enough information about the rates, offers currency conversion too.

The Download! application follows, which directly connects to the Nokia download center, where you can find a lot of downloadable content for you phone, most of it free of charge.

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