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Nokia 3600 slide Review


Nokia 3600 slide Review

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The memory card slot is sadly nestled under the battery cover near the USB port. The mouthpiece and the lanyard eyelet are just above the USB port.

Bottomside, we find only the battery cover latch, which is pretty rigid and requires quite some push to get the cover off.

We conclude our shape-and-looks tour with the rear. The back panel is made of matt plastic, which is fingerprint-proof. The dual LED flash is right beside the lens and the whole combo is placed within a plate of finely brushed glossy plastic. In the bottom left corner is the loudspeaker grill.

Releasing the battery cover, which is easier said that done, reveals the BL-4S 860 mAh battery and the SIM compartment. The battery falls off just like that once the battery cover has been removed, as there is nothing to hold it down to its bed. Just the opposite, the SIM card compartment is caged under a metal bracket, which was a bit rigid at first too. The battery itself is a decent performer - the phone stuck out for 3 or 4 days on a single charge.

The small slider is a pleasure to work with. The sliding action is smooth and solid, with a surprisingly short run. The modest, though by no means poor quality, casing is pleasant to the touch and quite reliable. The gradated color pattern and fingerprint resistant surfaces are an added gain.

The Nokia 3600 slide screen supports QVGA resolution and up to 16M colors on a 2" diagonal. A Nokia trademark, sunlight legibility is way beyond the reach of most other phones. The 2" diagonal might sound right for the price bracket, but we're talking a slider and a focus on imaging, so a 2.2" screen might not be too much to ask.

Signal reception and in-call sound are no concerns with Nokia 3600 slide. The handset is pitched for the so-called Background Noise Cancellation. The one thing that Nokia are missing to say though is that almost all current S40 phones also feature this noise cancellation feature called Voice Clarity. We even found that it performed better in removing the background noise with the Nokia 6500 classic. Anyway, sound is loud and clear on both ends and you will have zero trouble with your calls. Vibration strength in the 3600 slide is very good too.

We carried out our traditional loudspeaker test to find out Nokia 3600 slide is a slightly-above-average performer. You are unlikely to miss a call but don't count on getting just everything in noisier environments.

Nokia 3600 employs the Series 40 5th edition user interface, FP 1. The number of configurable options has gone up but at the price of having somewhat complicated menu structure and navigation. The most serious advance with this version of the UI is the addition of the Nokia Maps applications, which works as good as the on on Nokia Symbian smartphones. It works flawlessly with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver so finding your way around is no problem now - even for a feature phone.

There are no changes whatsoever to the stand-by screen of Nokia 3600 slide. The display features the pre-selected wallpaper with the usual status readings, such as signal strength, battery status, ringing profile icon and time in the top bar. The center of the navigation key opens the main menu, while the context keys can be assigned a function of your choice. The font on the main display can be of any color.

Active standby mode is available. It consists of four tabs that can be edited or relocated as users see fit. In the most common case, the top area is reserved for instant access to favorite functions denoted by their respective icons. The central area provides instant access to the music player, radio and calendar. At the very bottom the "Search Web" bar appears. Quite naturally, the two soft keys behavior can also be customized.

The icons themselves haven't been changed a jot, keeping the well known design with animation of the selected icon. They can also be freely reordered within the grid, should the user find their original order inconvenient.

Submenus appear as lists. As usual, alphanumeric keyboard shortcuts to menu items are enabled.
The interface is quick and responsive. There were freezes or unexpected restarts for the time of our review.

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