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Nokia 1680 classic Review


Nokia 1680 classic Review

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The 1680 Classic is a classic designed bar style handset designed by Nokia which comes with easy to use features. This elegant & simplistic mobile phone comes in a variety of different colours which include a black, plum, slate grey & wine red coloured casings. The Nokia 1680 is from the same family as the Nokia 1650 which is another simple solid bar handset complete with everyday features. The 1680 Classic is a compact handset which has a solid feel which weighs 73.7 grams with the battery fitted & it is 15mm deep, 46mm wide & 108mm in height.

The phone comes with 32 megabytes of flash type memory & with 4 megabytes of SD RAM memory. The Nokia 1680 Classic comes with EDGE technology which provides high speed transfers & GPRS. A built in Web browser is accessible from the phones main menu & provides the user with access to Internet sites when the user is on the move. The Internet browser provides a XHTML Web experience for the user to access a selection of web sites. The 1680 Classic come with dual band technology phone which cover both GSM 900 & GSM 1800. The battery provides up to 424 hours of standby time when fully charged or up to 7.6 hours of talk time.

The screen has a 128 pixel by 160 pixel screen resolution & displays up to 65,000 colours on the TFT display. The user can view colourful screensavers, animated wallpapers & select themed displays which are displayed beautifully in this compact solid bar phone. A built in camera feature provides a fun feature which allows the user to capture all those fun parts of their day. The camera is a VGA camera & the user can also record video clips using the camera feature. The Nokia 1680 Classic comes with simple camera & video features which allows the user to capture, view & playback their saved pictures & video clips. The user can also play or view video or pictures which have been sent to the users via the messaging services which brings an element of fun to this simple little mobile phone.

The built in phone book can store up to 1,000 contacts which is enough for even the most popular user. The Nokia 1680 Classic comes with a date & time feature which allows the user to view the date & time at any time. The phone comes with many useful day to day features which include a converter, expense manager, organiser & an advanced calculator feature. This classic designed phone comes with a mono speaker system & can play MP3 & polyphonic ringing tones. The user can enjoy playing Java™ games on their new 1680 Classic which provide exciting & a fast moving gaming experience. The messaging services include a mobile email service, instant messaging service, audio messaging, SMS text messaging & MMS picture messaging service. The user can share pictures & video clips using the MMS messaging service which can be shared between any compatible messaging contacts. The instant messaging services works like an online chat between contacts that are online at the same time which works like the user instant messaging service on their home or office computer.


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