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Nokia 6124 classic Review


Nokia 6124 classic Review

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The Nokia 6124 is a classic designed mobile phone that comes in a solid bar shape and in two colour options of a sleek black casing or a white coloured casing. This handset is a Vodafone exclusive 3G mobile phone. The handset comprises a delightful 2 inch QVGA TFT screen displaying up to 16 true million colours for the user to really enjoy colourful pictures and images on the 320 x 240 pixels high resolution screen. The Nokia 6124 Classic is a fantastically sized phone that will provide the user with comfort and the ability to place the handset in most pockets. The dimensions of the 6124 are 105mm x 46mm x 16mm and it weighs a lean 93g providing a solid yet compact feel. Nokia state that on one single full charge the user should expect up to 3.1 hours of talk time and up to 230 hours of stand by time. We at have not personally tested this concept.

The Nokia 6124 Classic comes with an array of voice features all of which will make life that little more easy. They include; Voice dialling, Text-to-Speech – this function allows the user to listen to their text read out aloud by the handset this works for all message, emails and multi-media messages, Voice commands which is self explanatory and a Voice recorder.

Music Player & Camera

The Nokia 6124 offers a built in music/multi-media player that supports most of the popular music formats which include; MP3, M4A, e-AAC+ and WMA formats. The Nokia 6124 also presents the user with the video streaming capability so the user can really have fun and amusement. The video streaming works on 3GPP and the video sharing element works on 3G networks (SWIS) and VS2.2 version. The user can really customise and personalise their Nokia 6124 Classic with their choice of ring-tone. The 6124 offers a fantastic selection of ring-tones including; 64 polyphonic ring-tones, MIDI, True tones, MP3 and AAC ring-tones. The built in internal memory of the Nokia 6124 Classic consists of 35M-bytes but with the use of a MicroSD™ memory card this can be increased up to a whopping 8G-bytes allowing a mass amount of storage space for the user to store all their music files and downloads.

The Nokia 6124 Classic features a 2 mega-pixel camera in landscape mode with a 4x digital zoom and camera flash. The user can also enjoy the video recorder facility which allows the user to record moving video footage and watch it back on the very colourful 2 inch display screen. The handset supports videos in H264, 3GPP, MPEG4 and Real Codec video formats. There is also a second CIF+ camera which provides the user with the enjoyment of a face-to-face video call experience with other compatible users with this video capability.
Nokia 6124 Classic – Internet & Connectivity

The Nokia 6124 Classic comes with straight-forward to use connectivity options which allows the user to enjoy great connections between their phone and other compatible devices. The user can use either the Bluetooth® version 2.0 or the mini USB technologies for superb connections. With the browsing capabilities the user can really enjoy a fantastic internet experience. The user can make use of the DTM Class 11 which provides the user with the ability for simultaneous voice calling and internet browsing using the EDGE technology. The user can have peace of mind when downloading as the phone is equipped with DRM 2.0 (digital rights management) for secure downloading and OMA. Other technologies embedded for the users benefit include; WCDMA, UP and DL with a bit rate of up to 384kbit-second. The 6124 operates on a Quad-band network which covers WCDMA and GSM 1800/1900 providing world wide roaming for the user but that is dependant on the user/s network provided. So staying in touch and up to date with all the latest news and information while on the move will be a piece of cake with the Nokia 6124.
Messaging & Applications

The Nokia 6124 comes with all the usual messaging services that we all know and love which include SMS, MMS (multi-media messaging) and Emailing. The new additions to the messaging services provided are; AMS (Xpress audio messaging) allowing the user to send and receive short voice or sound clips via a MMS and Instant messaging with Presence enhanced contacts. With the emailing service it provides the user with the ability of sending and receiving emails with attachment files, so keeping on top of the work load while away from the office is will not be a problem.

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