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Sony Ericsson G900 Review


Sony Ericsson G900 Review

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The G900i is a slim & stylish 3G Smartphone which is a member of the Sony Ericsson G range. The Sony Ericsson G range includes other 3G Smartphone including the Sony Ericsson G700i. The G900i is a solid candy bar designed handset which is available in a choice of two coloured casing which is a dark red coloured casing which looks quite elegant or a dark brown coloured casing which looks rather contemporary. The handset feels solid without feeling heavy to hold as it weighs ninety nine grams. Its dimensions are slim & compact when considering this Smartphone's built in features. The handset is only 13mm deep by 49mm wide by 106mm tall. The Sony Ericsson G900i comes with a 2.4 Inch touch screen display which allows the user to operate the touch screen using their finger, a stylus or a pointer. This finger friendly touch screen can display up to 262 thousand colours on a high resolution TFT screen. The user can also input text using a stylus on the touch screen & the handwriting recognition feature will turn the handwritten text into the appropriate letter from the keypad. The user can also input text using the well spaced out keypad which is situated below the touch screen & navigation key.

A built in 5 megapixel camera allows the user to capture high quality photos on their handset. The 2.4 Inch touch screen allows the user to set the photo focus by the user moving their finger on the touch screen. The screen works as a touch screen view finder. The camera feature on the Sony Ericsson G900i is a fun & easy to use feature which comes with auto focusing capabilities. The user can get up closer to their subject by using the three times digital zoom option & the photo light allows the user to brighten up darker environments. A photo fix feature allows the user to adjust the brightness & contrast of a photo after the photo has been taken. A red eye reduction feature allows the user to take a photo of a person without it being spoilt by the glare of red eyes. Te user can send their photos to a blog site which can be viewed by friends & family or simply create a picture message which can be sent to the user's personal contacts. The camera can record video footage as well as still photos & the stabiliser feature will ensure all those small hand movements made by the user are corrected which leaves the user with a smooth recording. The video recorder comes with a video light which allows the user to light up duller surroundings for a better quality recording. The user can play & stream video on this stylish G900i 3G Smartphone.

The Sony Ericsson G900i comes with an Opera™ Internet browser & WAP 2.0 XHTML which allows the use to access their favourite sites & online store from their Smartphone. The user can access the Internet browser from the main menu & use the touch screen to control their surfing experience. The Smartphone supports RSS feeds which allows the user to view the latest news & updates from a selection of Websites & blog sites. The user can simply subscribe to the feed service & watch the news arrive on this stylish Sony Ericsson G900i Smartphone. The user can enjoy instant online chats which friend & colleagues that are online at the same time using the instant messaging service. The instant messaging service on the G900i is a quick way to communicate with others & works just the user's instant messaging service on the user work or personal computer. A mobile email service allows the user to enjoy sending & receiving emails directly on their handset for a fully mobile email experience. A multimedia picture messaging service allows the user to send photos, text & sound in one message which can be sent to any compatible multimedia messaging contact or to an email address. The 3G Smartphone supports direct multimedia messaging from the camera feature which allows the user to take a photo then create a message straight away.

A built in media player allows the user to playback music & video files. The user can enjoy high quality sound & imaging on the G900i which makes this an entertainment focused handset. The sound quality can be enhanced using the Mega Bass™ music feature which will provide the best bass sound to suit the style of music being played.

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