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Sony Ericsson G700 Review


Sony Ericsson G700 Review

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The media menu on the phone is where one listen to the music and watch videos and stuff. As said earlier, the interface reminds of the PSP/PS3 interface. The music player supports a variety of formats. One can sort the music by the usual album, artist, tracks, composer and stuff. The player interface is also good and the on-screen play/pause/ff/rew buttons look a lot like the ones on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The album art can be enlarged a little by tapping it. There are a lot of equalizer presets available, including the Mega Bass. But I didn't find an option to edit the equalizer to my preference. The sound quality is very good, as good as any Walkman phone out there, and the max volume is also sufficient. However the max volume drops a lot when you use the Mega Bass preset, probably because the phone would not be able to handle all the bass at very high volume without producing distortion. There is no stereo widening here however, not that I care since I never really liked that feature.

The supplied headset, HPM-62, produces a very mediocre sound. It is recommended to get the HPM-70 headset if you are serious about the sound quality. The phone also supports A2DP profile for using bluetooth stereo headsets.

Listening through the loudspeaker isn't a pleasant experience though. It's loud, as loud as my stereo speaker enabled 5700, but cannot match it for quality. where the 5700 manages to output smooth, quality sound with good bass and volume, the G700 shrieks into your ears, with exaggerated treble and virtually no bass to speak of. The loudspeaker also gets a bit muffled when placed on a surface.

There is also a FM radio on board. It also supports RDS. However the fm sensitivity is far from strong, finding it difficult to catch a decent signal indoors. In comparison the radio on my 5700 is much stronger, working well indoors as well. A good feature of UIQ phones is that the equalizers are available wherever sound is played, including the radio. This is something that all others lack.

The video player is decent. One can view .3gp and .mp4 videos on it in full screen. The player did manage to play a 30fps QVGA video recorded by a K850i quite smoothly but didn't play 30fps VGA video recorded by the N95 at all.

The image viewer is also decent. But image opening is a bit slow. Opening 3 mp images captured phones camera itself is a bit sluggish. It could've benefited with a bit more horsepower.

The camera on the phone is a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor with fixed focus and twin LED lamps for low light conditions. The lens is exposed and hence attracts fingerprints and gets smudged. The quality of the images is quite good, most notably the colours which are very vibrant (maybe a bit too vibrant for some). The contrast seems a bit too high as well. The lack of auto-focus means there won't be any decent macros. In the dark, the noise is well under control and the twin LED lights help. The video recording quality is nothing to write home about though. It's jerky and pixellated and best unused.

Camera Samples: (Sorry for the less number of pics. It's raining outside and I hate to step outside in the rains. Taken these from the window. Probably will add more later)


The phone supports Bluetooth v2.0, GPRS, UMTS and USB 2.0. No EDGE and no Infrared. The bluetooth works well and so does everything else. USB transfers could've been faster though.

Battery Life

It lasts a couple of days with normal use. With GPRS, the battery only lasts a single day. Not impressive.

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