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Sony Ericsson W980 Review


Sony Ericsson W980 Review

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Voices were a bit muffled, which is to be expected, but the clarity was respectable on the whole. Callers could hear us, as long as we were speaking close to the phone. Call quality with a Bluetooth headset was fine as well.

The W90 supports EDGE and 3G service. Yet, it supports only the 2100 band (UMTS and HSDPA), which works exclusively outside North America.

The W980 menus are rather sluggish, particularly under certain theme settings. It wasn't a big distraction, but it was noticeable, indeed. A bigger problem was that the W980 took almost 30 seconds to completely start up. That is the time from when we pressed the power button to the handset being ready for use. We're not sure why it took so long, but it was annoying.

The W980's music quality is up to the usual Sony Ericsson Walkman standards. Even on the phone's external speakers, our tunes were sharp and clear with a decent range. Deep bass is lacking when using the speakers, so we suggest a headset for the best experience. The W980 also comes with an audio cable for connecting the phone to a stereo speaker to better blast your tunes.

The W980 has a rated battery life of 9 hours talk time and 15.42 days standby time. The W980 has a tested talk time of 8 hours and 40 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, the W980 has digital SAR rating of 0.67 watt per kilogram.

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