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Nokia N91 8GB Review


Nokia N91 8GB Review

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The Nokia N91 is a beautifully designed smartphone which comes in a silver & black coloured casing. The opening mechanism is quite unique on the N91 as only the keypad section of the phone has a smooth slide down cover which reveals the full keypad. The handset comes in a rather neat package considering all the built in technology & the overall size is 113.1 x 55.2 x 22 mm. The N91 comes from the Nokia N Series which includes the Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N80, Nokia N90 & Nokia N92. The phone comes with a clear 262k colour screen with 176 x 208 pixels display. The phone comes with S60 software which is on a Symbian OS platform. The screen has an automatic brightness control for the display & keypad.

The built in music player allows the user to enjoy a top quality music experience as it comes with an amasing stereo sound. The music player comes with many useable features which include a music mixer, loudness control, 5 band equalizer, music dynamic range compression, volume control, playback button & a play list management feature which allows the user to add new music tunes or edit existing play lists. The music player can play music in many formats which include MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Real, WAV, WMA, M4A, AMR-WB, True Tones & AMR-NB. The user can very easily move music between their computer & N91 by simply dragging & dropping between the two devices. The phone allows the user to answer incoming calls whilst they are listening to music as the music will pause for an incoming call & after the call is complete the music will restart from where it was paused. The phone comes with a built in radio complete with visual radio feature which allows the user to not only listen to a radio station but take part in a new viewing experience. The phone comes with up to 4 Gbytes of internal dynamic memory which allows the user to save up to three thousand music tunes. The sound experience can be heard through the headset, the integrated speakers or the user can connect the N91 to their home stereo system.

The N91 comes with an integrated 2 megapixel camera complete with 6 x digital zoom which is prefect for capturing all of those special memories. The camera comes with different camera modes which include still, burst, video & a night mode. The user can adjust the brightness of each photo & select from different image quality settings. The Nokia N91 comes with a video record feature which allows the user to capture memories in motion. The phone comes with a video playback feature which allows them to playback downloaded, streamed & recorded video clips.

The phone comes with built in 3G technology & WLAN which provides the user with a fast & impressive connectivity. The N91 allows the user to synchronise their contacts, calendar & music files to a compatible computer by using compatible connection & even with the use of Bluetooth® technology which allows a wireless connection when transferring data. The user can use Bluetooth® to send & receive photos, video clips & images to any Bluetooth® compatible device. The user can enjoy a good Internet experience with the help of the XHTML Internet browser which allows the user to view web sites very easily.

The phone comes with voice features which include voice dialling, voice commands & a voice recorder which makes using the N91 a little more fun & a little easier. The conference call feature allows the user to take part in a call with more than one contact at the same time. The integrated handfree speaker allows the user to talk freely over a speaker when their hands are needed for a different task.

Music Edition

The popular Nokia N91 has been developed further to create the perfect music companion in the form of the sleek looking Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition 3G Smartphone. The N91 8GB is similar to the Nokia N91 in design, looks & features but the N91 8GB comes with a larger amount of memory for music storage & with enhanced music focused features. The phone comes with 8 Gbytes of hard disk memory which allows the user to store approximately 6000 songs on their N91 8GB Music Edition. The handset comes in a stylish black coloured casing which provides the user with a high quality finished handset.

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