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Nokia 3110 Evolve Review


Nokia 3110 Evolve Review

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The Nokia 3110 Evolve is an environmentally friendly mobile phone. The phone comes with bio covers which are made from more than fifty percent renewable materials also the phone's packaging uses sixty percent recycled materials. The 3110 Evolve comes with an AC8 charger, which is more energy efficient than regular mobile phone batteries as it minimizes the energy consumption if the user forgets to unplug their charger. The 3110 Evolve is a simple classic bar type handset, which comes with all the main features a mobile phone user would desire in their day-to-day usage. The 3110 Evolve come with a grey coloured casing complete with a black coloured front. The front of the phone comes with large embedded keys for ease of use & a TFT screen.
The screen provides the user with a colour display with a 128 x 160 pixel screen resolution. This minimalistic eco friendly handset comes with easy to use features for everyday use. The Nokia 3110 Evolve is similar in design to the Nokia 3110 Classic but the Nokia 3110 Evolve is made from eco friendly materials & comes with an additional camera feature.

The handset is small & discrete in size, which measures 15.6mm deep by 45.7mm wide by 108.5mm high. The phone weighs 87 grams in total, which is lightweight for the user to carry & hold when in use. The Nokia 3110 Evolve comes with a battery, stereo headset, use guide & a high efficiency AC8 charger included in the start up kit. The mobile phone comes with 32 Mbytes of Flash memory with 16 Mbytes of RAM memory & complete with a memory card option, which allows the user to expand their phones memory up to 2 Gbytes. The battery will provide the user with up to 370 hours of standby battery time or approximately 4 hours of talk time from a fully charged battery.

This eco friendly phone comes with integrated features to keep its user entertained whilst travelling or whilst relaxing. The user of the Nokia 3110 Evolve can use the integrated FM radio to tune into their favourite station & enjoy listening to their favourite music or chat show station. The phone comes with a music player which supports many popular music formats including MP3, AAC, AAC+ & enhanced AAC+ music formats. The phone comes with an integrated camera feature which allows the user to take photos which can be stored, shared or deleted. The camera is a 1.3 megapixel camera which has an 8 x digital zoom function. The user can enjoy taking a quick snap using the camera which can be sent to others using the built in messaging service. The phone comes with video capabilities which allow the user playback & stream video footage on their new handset.

The phone works on a tri band network which allows the user to use their handset in Europe & the majority of the US but the connectivity is fully depended on the network service operator. The tri band network works over GSM 900, 1800 & 1900. The 3110 Evolve allows the user to connect to other devices using either a USB cabled connection, infra red connection or a Bluetoothâ„¢ wireless connection. The user can connect their mobile phone to other compatible devices which can include the user's PC, laptop & printer. The Edge technology & high speed circuit switched data known as HSCSD technology allows the user to enjoy high speed data transfers on their new phone.

The user can enjoy talking to others without holding their phone to their ear by using the handsfree speaker feature, which allows the user to talk to their contacts over the phones loud speakers whilst the phone is placed on a desk or table. The phone comes with voice activate features which include a voice dialling feature & voice commands. The user can connect to the Internet using the XHTML Internet browser. The 3110 Evolve comes with messaging features which include an audio messaging service via the MMS messaging service, multimedia picture messaging service, a text messaging service & an email service complete with email attachments facility.
The user can use the messaging service to communicate with other compatible messaging contacts without making a call to communicate. The user can access a selection of features when on board a plane or in other mobile phone restricted areas by using the flight mode feature.

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