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Samsung i450 Review


Samsung i450 Review

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The desirable Samsung i450 is a member of the i range which has been designed by Samsung. The Samsung i range is a Smartphone range of phones which include the Samsung i300, Samsung i400, Samsung i600 & the Samsung i620 which all comes with their own individual look & built in features. The i450 is a music focused Smartphone which comes with user friendly & high quality integrated music features. The handset comes in an amazing white or blue coloured casing which makes this phone look incredibly modern & stylish. The i450 weighs 114 grams including the fitted battery which feels solid & is a good weight for a Smartphone of its capabilities. The user will find the handset has a solid & chunky feel to its design due the 17.8mm depth & the curved edges. This smoothed edged phone comes with an amazing dual slide opening mechanism which allows the user to slide out the keypad one end of the handset or to slide out the other side of the handset to reveal the built in speaker. The phone comes with 32 Mbytes of internal memory plus the user can add a MicroSD™ memory card with compatibility up to 4 Gbytes.

This music focused Smartphone comes with a large bright colour screen which is ideal for viewing music information, photos, video, messages & the internet. The screen comes with a high screen resolution which is perfect for viewing images & photos. The main feature of this Smartphone is its high quality music features which allow the user to enjoy their music using the built in music player or FM radio. The phone comes with Bang & Olufsen technology which provides the user with high quality clear sound from this beautiful handset. The user can listen to their music using a Bluetooth® with A2DP connection which provides a wireless connection between the phone & the headset or a cabled connection using the 3.5mm audio jack for their headset. The music player supports all popular formats of music playback & comes complete with album search & playlists for the user to gain quick access to their music. The best part about the Samsung i450 regarding its music features has to be the slide out loud speaker complete the landscape music mode which provides the user with a realistic music player on their mobile handset.

The i450 is a 3G Smartphone which comes complete with 3G HSDPA technology which provides the user with a multitasking & high speed mobile phone. The 3G HSDPA technology provides the user with a 3G video calling feature which allows the user to talk & see other compatible 3G contacts when on a 3G video call. The 3G video calling has become very popular & it is a fun way to communicate with friends, family & business contacts. The built in EDGE technology provides the user with a high speed data transfer which is approximately three times faster than GPRS which means the user can transfer data files at high speed. The Samsung i450 comes with easy to use connectivity options which include Bluetooth® wireless technology & USB connectivity which allows the user to gain either a wireless or wired connection to other devices. The phone comes with a Symbian operating system version 9.2. The user can enjoy using their handset in Europe & the majority of the USA as the phones works over a GSM 900, 1800 & 1900 network. The phone comes with easy to use features which include a handsfree speaker phone feature, photo caller identification & the phone allows the user to view documents with its document viewer capabilities.

The user can gain access to the Internet using the built in browser which allows the user to enjoy a XHTML & XTML Internet browsing on their new 3G Smartphone. The user can share text, sound & photos with other compatible contacts using the built in MMS messaging service. The phone supports SMS text messaging & comes with an email service which allows the user to communicate with other email contacts when the user is away from their office or home computer. The user can stay in contact with others using a phone call, 3G video call, SMS text message, MMS multimedia message or by sending an email with their Samsung i450 as their new companion. The user can take a photo using the built in 2 megapixel camera & send the photo straight to their compatible MMS contacts if desired.

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