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Samsung D900i Review


Samsung D900i Review

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The Samsung D900i is an elegant slider phone; the chrome borders outlining the D-pad and the screen make the phone look exquisite. It has a large 32 x 42 mm, 256K color TFT screen which supports a pixel resolution of 240 x 320  On sliding the phone open, the keypad reveals itself. The keypad is soft and comfy to type out SMS.

The menu keys and the calling keys surround the 5-way D-Pad, and there is a clear key just below it. With this model, the Samsung style D-Pad seemed a bit more comfortable; probably because I'm getting used to it. The center key of the D-Pad doubles as a hotkey for the Web-browser application, and the call hang-up key is also the Power On/Off button of the phone. Also, the earpiece of the phone works as the speaker.


Like most Samsung phones, the D900i's user interface is superb, and Samsung has included some interesting extras. Dubbed 'uPlus', the new, expanded interface offers intuitive navigation that responds to your environment. For example, when you dial a phone number, a picture of Sydney appears in the corner of the screen. This picture changes depending on your location. It also responds to the time of day and changes accordingly; at night the sky will be dark, while during the day it appears blue. Another cool feature occurs when dialling a phone number; upon pressing a number key a paper and pen animation appears and begins to write the numbers as you press them - it even includes sound effects

The D900i allows you to create a personalized menu of shortcuts that sits on the main screen. This enables quick access to frequently used menu items, such as calendar, SMS messaging and email. The interface also highlights each selected menu item with a different colour scheme, creating a contrast with the rest of the phone.


The Samsung D900i has a 3.15 MP auto-focus camera. The camera is exposed only when the slider opens. When the slider is closed, there is no way you can capture an image.

For assistance in low-lighting, flash has been provided; there's a mirror for portrait-image capture as well. The maximum resolution of image capture is 2048 x 1536 pixels. A standard set of options follow.

The camera quality is really poor. The camera module, even though above 3 MP, doesn't come close to a decent quality 2 MP camera as offered by many phones. The camera is really slow, and takes about 4-5 seconds to focus and capture an image. It gets worse in the night; you will be holding down the camera button, but it won't take a picture. The flash is bright, but it really doesn't help. At the end of it all, the image turns out to be blurred and smudgy. Compared to the Sony Ericsson's K790i, or Nokia's 3 MP camera phones, D900i's camera is terrible.

The video recording feature of the D900i is much better than capturing images. It is quite easy to make videos at CIF resolutions, but the video quality is not good.


he MP3 player is compatible with MP3, AAC, AAC+ and e-AAC+ files, and there is basic play list support, repeat and shuffle play modes, a preset equaliser and 3D sound effects. Conveniently, you can use other phone features (such as SMS messaging) while listening to music and an FM radio, which is a feature added from the previous model. Unfortunately the lack of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack means you'll have to use the included ear buds or Bluetooth headphones for music listening.


The D900i has GPRS as well as EDGE, both are Class 10 - that's the best you can get for your browsing experience. The built-in WAP browser is easy to use and won't give you the hiccups. For file transfers, there is Bluetooth 2.0. This phone also has A2DP support, so you can enjoy stereo quality music on your wireless headset. The USB connectivity is version 1.1; you can set the USB to work as a modem, wherein you can use your phone to connect to the Internet, mass storage, or PictBridge.

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