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Nokia 3250 XpressMusic Review


Nokia 3250 XpressMusic Review

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Since Sony Ericsson launched its Walkman series, many rival brands tried to develop similar series that would ultimately win the supremacy on the music phones market. Nokia even launched two such series: Xpress Music and Music Edition. While the latter comprises reshaped old models, which were given high-end music capabilities (Nokia N70, Nokia N73 and Nokia N91), Xpress Music series includes only newly developed models (Nokia 3250, Nokia 5300 and Nokia 5700). Moreover, both series launched by Nokia were so good that they started competing against each other. Nokia 5700 Xpress Music is the latest handset launched from its series, thus it should be the best in its class. Again, the phone's real competitors can be found only among models of the same brand: Nokia 3250 and Nokia N91.

Announced at the end of March 2007, the handset has been made available on the market starting April 2007. Because the handset's sales package contains 512 MB/ 1 GB microSD memory card, the price may vary between USD 370-470, also depending on the location.


Nokia 5700 Xpress Music model doesn't look too stylish, but the moment you start using it you'll discover plenty of other features that will pleasantly surprise you. If you remember Nokia 3250, just imagine that this is a sequel that greatly resembles its predecessor. While it may look like a simple bar phone, Nokia 5700 is in fact a swivel handset that rotates its keypad to the left or to the right, depending on what features you would like to use. Its measures (108 x 50 x 17 mm) and weight (115 grams, including battery) make it rather hefty than light and slim.

Seen from the front, the phone presents itself like a regular bar with the volume keys hidden under a black rubber on the left side and the rest of the ports (miniUSB, charge port and microSD memory card slot) placed on the right side of the phone covered by a long rubber band. Also right on the bottom of the left side, you'll notice the 2 Megapixel camera that features flash capabilities. On top of the phone, there's the usual power button, while on the bottom you can notice the 2.5mm jack port. The keypad of the phone features only 2 specific Symbian keys which are placed above the keypad. There's no Edit key included in this model, so you'll have to do without it. The 5-way joystick is very solid, but also very hard to use.

The 2 stereo speakers are placed on the top left and on the bottom right side of the phone, but if you swivel the keypad to the right 180 degrees to access the music player, both speakers will be on the same left side. If you don't swivel the keyboard, you'll find the music controls on the back of the phone. The back of the phone is made from a cheap plastic that is easy to break, so watch out. Besides the rubber material used on both sides of the phone, the top and bottom of the handset are made from a polished shiny plastic, very nice to the touch. The swivel mechanism is very robust and won't break even after heavy use.

Display and Camera:

Nokia 5700 Xpress Music features a much better display than Nokia 3250 does, and together with the high speed CPU, it offers a great gaming experience. The TFT display supports 16 Million colors and resolutions up to 240 x 320 pixels. As you can see from the screenshots, the phone is only a little bit superior to Nokia N76 (which features the same CPU) and LG KU580.

Because of the high probability of scratches, I recommend using an "invisible shield" to protect your screen. As always, graphic display hits high scores when tested only if the handset features a good processor and Nokia 5700 demonstrates it.

The screen is visible in the sunlight and can be used with no trouble. There's also a light sensor right near the in-call speaker which adjusts the backlighting level in accordance with the environment.

The swivel mechanism enables the users to shoot pictures or clips with ease, by turning the keypad 90 degrees to the right. Evidently, you can take pictures even if you don't swivel the handset. Video calls are limited because the phone lacks a secondary camera. The phone has zoom capabilities that you can access through the 5-way joystick or the music player controls Forward and Back.

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